This work would have been difficult to produce without the advice and guidance received from many people in many ways. I would like to express my thanks to the staff (past and present) of the Entomology Department of the Natural History Museum, London, for allowing me access to the superb National Collection. Certain members of staff deserve special mention for frequently going out of their way to help in the early days, in particular L. A. Mound (formerly Keeper of Entomology), the late A. H. Hayes, M. R. Honey, I. W. B. Nye, and A. Watson. To I. J. Kitching, and W. G. Tremewan, whose expert knowledge and editorial assistance have been of value in verifying information and in preparing the text throughout many stages, I acknowledge deep indebtedness. Invaluable additional editorial assistance and constructive comments were also provided by Basil and Annette Harley of Harley Books, Colchester. Constructive editorial comments were also received from Willem Hogenes of Instituut voor Taxonomische Zoölogie, Amsterdam, and A. R. Waterston (formerly Keeper of Entomology, Royal Scottish Museum), who kindly read the initial drafts.

For their assistance, my special thanks go to Mrs Brenda Leonard, former librarian of the Royal Entomological Society of London, for putting up with me for so long as I rummaged through the endless rows of books in the Society's superb library; also to Ms Jacqueline Ruffle, the following librarian; to Miss Pam Gilbert, formerly Librarian of the Entomology Library, Natural History Museum, London; and to Ms Julie Harvey and Mrs Kathie Martin, also of that Library.

Thanks are also due to ZHANG Qiaoqiao (China) and Stephania Glowka (Poland) for their assistance in translating papers from Chinese and Russian, respectively. Also, to Prof. LI BaoPing (Xinjiang Agricultural University, Ürümqi, China) and Prof. XIANG BenChun (Shihezi Agricultural College, Xinjiang, China) for allowing me free access to the collections at their establishments during my 1995 visit.

Additional information on distribution and hostplants, or help with obtaining photos, livestock and/or specimens, was given by the late J.-M. Cadiou (Belgium); S. V. Beschkow (Bulgaria); B. Skule (Denmark); U. Eitschberger, M. Geck, S. Heinig, T. Kaltenbach, C. M. Naumann, M. A. Pelzer, H. Schröder and E. Thomson (Germany); Dubi Benyamini (Israel); S. Sugi (Japan); the late A. Valetta (Malta); W. Hogenes, E. A. Löliger and J. C. Meerman (Netherlands); F. König and A. Popescu-Gorj (Romania); V. V. Zolotuhin and Viktor Sinjaev (Russia); Ben Trott, the late R. Agenjo, the late M. R. Gomez Bustillo, J. L. Viejo Montesinos and J. L. Yela Garcia (Spain); K. A. Efetov (Ukraine (Crimea)); A. S. Talhouk (Lebanon); Jaakko Pohjoismaki (Finland); Jean-Michel Bompar, Frank Deschandol, Pascal Régnier and Daniel Chanselme (France); and Mark O'Neill, Mark Boddington and Roger Perkins (UK), to all of whom I express my warmest thanks. I am especially indebted to the late E. P. Wiltshire, not only for supplying information, but also for directing me to his extensive Middle Eastern collection in the Natural History Museum, London. Many thanks are also due to Alan Wood and the computer centre of CAB International for their help in handling data during the early stages.

R. W. Crosskey, M. G. Fitton and T. Huddleston (Natural History Museum, London); T. H. Ford (Sheffield); M. R. Shaw (Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh); and B. Herting and H.-P. Tschorsnig (Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, Stuttgart), all provided specialist information and guidance on the vexed subject of sphingid parasitoids.

I would also like to thank the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for a six-week Travelling Fellowship in 1995 to investigate the distribution of many less well known species in China.

Finally, thanks are also due to the late Charles Y. Schotman (Schiedam, Netherlands) and Mike Amphlett for introducing me to the wonderful world of computer graphics, picture manipulation and databases.

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